What is EZ Thread®?
Simply put, a universal tool that replaces taps, dies, thread files, and thread plows for restoring damaged threads. Nothing compares to its speed, ease of use, and versatility… Nothing.

Caveman Simple
We tackle thread repair one thread at a time. Because we work off a single point, pitch doesn’t matter.

Let the Tool do the Work!
Keep very light controlled pressure on the tool while working it back and forth starting from good thread area (green) into bad threads (red). Keep the tool clean with mineral spirits and add a little cutting fluid (or the like) to increase performance and tool life.

Diamond Super-Abrasive
We took the hardest and most thermally tough material known to man and bonded it to one of the toughest steel metals while orienting it in the perfect arrangement to achieve an amazing repair tool that will not only repair any thread it meets, but also any material.